Custom Hospital Whiteboards

Custom Hospital Whiteboards
Patient Room Whiteboards, ER Boards & More

Stonehouse Signs fabricates each board to the specific requirements for your patient’s rooms or nurses’ stations, and ICU/ER/OR/OB areas, helping to improve patient care and keep your staff organized and running at peak efficiency.

Stonehouse Signs can design a board specifically for your nurses' or patient's needs, or to adhere to the requirements for your hospital and/or station. Create a custom magnetic whiteboard made to your exact requirements!


Custom dry erase boards for your needs - choose your size, add graphics,
text, grids, lines, logos, custom artwork & more. Any of the examples below can be modified to your specifications. 


  • Patient Room Boards, Pain Scales & Communication Board Examples

Add a pain scale and any details specific to your patient's requirements.

Do you want to add your logo, colors and specific information?  No problem!

Stonehouse can add the details and specific requirements to any patient room board- contact an expert today for more info!

Choose a brushed aluminum or maple wood frame, or let us know what color frame you require.Create a custom pain scale dry erase board with colors for your hospital rooms!Stonehouse can also add detailed symbols and additional languages to your board.Stonehouse porcelain steel Patient Room Boards are durable and built for fast-paced environments.
  • ER, OR, Surgery & Nurse Scheduling, Planning and In/Out Board Examples

ER, OR, Surgery and Nurse Scheduling Boards

Hospital Room and Nurse Scheduling Boards

  • Recovery Boards, Labor/Delivery Boards, ICU Board Examples
Maternity BoardsICU Boards that have a color to match the dry erase boards in your nursing station or department.

Why Should You Choose A Stonehouse Signs'
Custom Magnetic Dry Erase Board?


A Stonehouse Signs' high quality magnetic porcelain whiteboard is perfect for fast-paced, hygiene sensitive environments.  They’re built to last and
erase better than the competition!

  • Every board is scratch, stain, shadowing and ghosting resistant.
  • The durable porcelain steel surface and high quality craftsmanship is designed for heavy usage.
  • There’s no messy residue buildup from tape or vinyl.
  • Our boards last longer - each customized board marries our exclusive baked enamel inks onto a high performance porcelain steel substrate. 
  • Stonehouse Signs has over 150 years of experience engineering high-quality products.

Stonehouse Signs Changeable Custom Whiteboard

Or Choose a
Changeable Custom Dry Erase Board

Stonehouse Signs also produces Changeable Custom Whiteboards, which can be easily and quickly updated as hospital or medical center information, such as room numbers, changes. View our Changeable Custom Whiteboard page for more information.