Safety Tags & Accident Prevention Tags

Safety Tags and Accident Prevention Tags- Lightning Fast!

Use Stoneouse Signs' ANSI and OSHA compliant Accident Prevention Tags and Safety Tags to alert personnel to temporary hazards often associated with installation, maintenance, repair or other transient conditions. All of Stonehouse Signs' Safety and Accident Prevetion Tags are made in the USA at our Colorado facility. 

View our full line of Safety Tags and Accident Prevention Tags below. Don't know what material you need? Visit our Safety Tag Material Guide to help you select the right material for your application.

If you don't see exactly what you need, we also offer
Custom Safety Tags with the same turnaround time as any of our standard tags. We can even produce most of our Custom Tags in 24 hours if you need your tags fast!

Time sensitive deliveries are our specialty. Count on us to deliver the product you want, when you want it. From a standard product to completely custom tag, Stonehouse delivers - Lightning Fast!

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Bilingual Tags

Keep your diverse workforce informed and safe with our full line of bilingual accident prevention tags.

Warning Tags

Use warning tags to protect workers by calling attention to hazards. 

Out of Order/Out of Service Tags

Use out of order and out of service tags to warn workers for broken or defective equipment. 

Do Not Operate Tags

Do not operate tags inform workers of dangerous, defective, broken, or locked out machinery. All lockout tagout do not operate tags are OSHA compliant.  

Fire Extinguisher Tags

Keep your fire extinguishers ready and up-to-date with fire extinguisher inspection tags. Fire extinguisher tags clearly indicate when your fire extinguishers are due for inspection to workers and compliance officers. 

Do Not Use Tags
Do Not Open Tags
Danger Tags
Do Not Start Tags
Caution Tags
Inspection/Maintenance Tags

Help keep your records for repair and maintenance straight.  Track regular inspections, maintenance & recharge records, and re-inspections with these tags.

Biohazard Tags

Use these tags to help minimize exposure and contamination where a potential biohazard risk is present.


Confined Space Tags

Ensure that any space that has limited or restricted means of entry or exit is clearly marked.

Electrical Tags

Electrical safety tags are used during maintenance and repair to prevent electric shock, fires, and explosions.

Scaffold Tags

Use scaffold tags to ensure that all scaffolds and the surrounding areas are marked clearly, have been inspected and are safe. 

Equipment Tags

Equipment-specific tags, including tags for machines, valves, engines and switches.

Cylinder Tags

Use perforated and non-perforated cylinder tags to prevent accidents and ensure that all your gas and liquid cylinders are stored and labeled properly.

Lower Body

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