Telecom Safety & Facility Signs

Stonehouse Telecom Facility and Outside Plant Signs

Stonehouse Signs offers a complete line of warning and identification solutions for your outside plant facilities.  From underground tape and pole markers to test stations, decals and high visibility signs.

Mark your cable routes and navigable waterways and protect your buried fiber optic and telephone cables with our durable high-quality telecom signs and decals.

Included below is a sample of the various telecom products that we carry.  Click on the thumbnail image to view a larger version of each image, and visit our design guide if you have questions about materials or visibility!

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You can also download our complete Telecommunications Product Guide (pdf) here.

Line Markers/Posts
(Post Style Markers)
Signs for Outside Plant FacilitiesDecals
Telecom Post-Style Markers

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Telecom Outside Plant Facility Signs

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Telecom Reflective and Durable Outdoor Decals

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Test Stations,
Line/Dome Markers

High Level
Radio Frequency
Telecom Test Stations, Line and Dome Markers

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Telecom Navigable Waterway Signs

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Telecom High Level Radio Frequency Signs

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Change It Up- Make Simple Word Changes to Telcom Signs, Or Create Your Own Custom Sign!It’s Your Choice!

Change up any of our standard telecom signs to suit your needs.  Add your company name and logo and your phone number, change the color or add a customized symbol to ensure your markers are visible and informative.

Contact one of our sign experts today with your changes.  Don’t settle for the ‘closest one’- Change It Up to make that sign your own!


From Aerial Markers to Underground Tape, Stonehouse Signs has all of the signs, decals, flags and markers you’ll need for your spring projects.We offer a wide variety of Telecommunications Products, including:Buried Cable Signs & DecalsPost MarkersTemporary Markers & FlagsCable Markers...
Every time an excavation crew digs near your buried cables or underground utilities, you run the risk that they will sever the lifeblood of your company. Any service interruption or extended down time isn’t just frustrating to end users- it can cost thousands of dollars in lost time and lost...